My Walkaway Story

My Walkaway Story

Amanda Lea Blackman‎ to #WalkAway Campaign

Hey Everyone! My name is Amanda and this is my #walkaway story. My whole life I took pride in being open minded and fighting for liberal sided ideologies. I thought the Democrats represented that- that they were the good guys and so I voted that way. I voted for Obama for 2 terms thinking I was part of changing history. I voted for Bernie last election thinking the same and literally BAWLED my eyes out when Trump won thinking it was the end of the world- that our country was homophobic and racist and cruel. February of this year I stumbled across some posts on Instagram that made me go 🤔 and before I knew it I was in a rabbit hole of information questioning everything I thought I knew. I started with the idea “WHAT IF everything I think I know is wrong, WHAT IF I am a sheep, WHAT IF I’m wrong- what would that look like?” And so began my 4.5 month journey thus far (hours upon hours of research and questions) and God have I learned A LOT. I was conditioned like so many to think the dems were good, Trump was the bad orange man, and the media could be trusted. I asked why trump and the flag literally made me cringe -HOW!? WHY!? When did that happen!? If you asked me on the day trump won why I was crying- I probably didn’t have a true fact or answer I could give you. During this process I had extreme cognitive dissonance, but it was necessary. The dem liberal friends I looked up to my whole life have been the nastiest, most cut throat cruel people to me, and the people I thought were close minded and “stupid” (the Republican/ conservatives) have been the most kind, loving, logical communicators I have found. I feel like my whole life is a lie- I’ve cried SO much and have PRAYED even harder. I’ve lost a lot of “friends” but IM SICK OF HIDING- I know who I am, I know the research I’ve done, I know my truth and kind heart. I’ve discovered I’m a socially liberal Libertarian who LOVES Donald Trump ... I still laugh saying it out loud. BUT ITS TRUE! I will never go back to the Dems. He isn’t who we were brainwashed to believe and the Democrats are not the good guys I once believed they were. It’s been a wild ride but I am SO GRATEFUL TO BE AWAKE!!!! #trump2020

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