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2019 Patriot Trump Gilded Silver Coin - with Velvet Gift Box

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Patriot Trump Collection

2019 Patriot Trump Gilded Silver Coin - American Buffalo - Live Free or Die - with Velvet Gift Box

Obverse: 2019 Patriot Trump

The obverse is an exceptional engraving of an epic patriotic rendition of President Trump depicted in revolutionary era attire that embodies the return to American greatness, reflecting the MAGA theme of his presidency. Created by our head engraver; Tim Ransom, this coin series has become our most requested and collected over the years.

Reverse: Live Free or Die

The American Buffalo, or Bison, has become a patriotic symbol for all Americans of strength, beauty and unity that roamed the Great Plains of North America by the tens of millions. Buffalo are the largest land mammal in North America and the official state symbol of Kansas, Wyoming and Oklahoma.

New Hampshire adopted the “Live Free or Die” motto, said to derive from its native born war hero, General John Stark, circa 1809. This theme has roots going back to the French Revolution and Patrick Henry, who addressed the Second Virginia Convention in 1775 with the words; “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Available exclusively from Republic National Mint, this magnificent proof is meticulously designed, engraved, minted and polished to the highest quality "Proof" standard. Your coin arrives in a clear acrylic case to preserve its luster for years to come

2019 Patriot Trump Live Free or Die Commemorative Coin

Highly detailed Trump portrait – one of the best we’ve seen.
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Detail Specifications

Issuing Entity:                       

The Republic National Mint

Texas, USA


Patriot Trump Collection

Limited Edition Mintage:



1 oz.


40 mm


Patriot Trump


American Buffalo

Optional Finish:


Edge Type:                                         






Issue year:


Coin Date:



Clear Acrylic Case