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2020 Trump Silver Eagle Silver Coin with Gift Box & Certificate

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2020 Trump Silver Eagle Silver Coin

Highly detailed Trump portrait – one of the best we’ve seen.

Obverse: 2020 Donald J Trump  

This limited-edition coin depicts the best engraving of President Trump we’ve seen, with an epic patriotic rendition of Donald J Trump in revolutionary era attire that embodies our return to American greatness, reflecting the MAGA theme of his 45th presidency.

Museum Quality. The perfect gift for every MAGA supporter’s collection. Gilded in 24K gold with a bright proof-like mirror finish, this big 40mm coin is slightly larger than a Morgan silver dollar, and suitable for display.

Reverse: Soaring Eagle

The coin’s reverse depicts a soaring American trump eagle coin with wings spread and Donald Trump’s signature. The die-struck design shows clear, distinctive exceptional detail.

“Keep America Great” is written on the back of this gold-gilded coin. It comes with a certificate of authenticity from The Republic National Mint as well as a velvet-lined storage box bearing the presidential seal.

At 40mm in diameter, the MAGA coin is larger than a Morgan Silver Dollar and visible when put on display. Patriotic Trump coin is shipped in a sealed, airtight, protective acrylic holder. This coin series has become our most requested and collected over the years.


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Detail Specifications

Issuing Entity:                       

The Republic National Mint

Texas, USA


Trump Collection

Limited Edition Mintage:



1 oz.


40 mm


Patriot Trump


Soaring Eagle

Optional Finish:

.999 Fine Silver-gilded, 24K Gold-gilded

Edge Type:                                         






Issue year:


Coin Date:



Clear Acrylic Case

Optional Packaging:

Dark Green Velvet Gift Box / Inset RNM Enameled Coin