New Patriot Trump Gold and Silver Coins are the Perfect MAGA Gift

While many of our commemorative novelty coins are beautiful tokens in admiration of former Presidents Reagan and President Trump, MAGA products are some of the hottest trending items as we approach the midterm election and the Presidential election in 2024.

If you’re a numismatic collector or Trump fan looking for a Trump gift, there’s nothing better than a President Trump 45 “Make America Great Again coin minted in gold or silver. Where can you buy a Trump coin like this? At our Keep America Great” store at, where we offer free shipping with every coin order (US contiguous states only).

Trump and Reagan coins have massive popularity and remain highly sought after and have become America’s favorite political souvenir. There are even reports that Nancy Pelosi has tried to ban these Trump coins due to their popularity at the January 6 Freedom Protest in Washington DC.

Some of the devotion to collecting the full set of Patriot Trump coins is due to their beautiful engravings and high-quality craftsmanship said to exceed the latest new coin issues that you can purchase at the United States Mint. 

Donald J. Trumps’ extraordinary leadership has inspired these hand-crafted coin masterpieces gilded in .999 Silver and 24K gold. Celebrity collectors are said to include: Ivanka Trump, Mel Gibson, John Durham, Elon Musk, Keanu Reeves, Kid Rock, Ted Cruz, and the Motor City Mad Man, Ted Nugent. 

Exnomia is the official word for collectible President Trump Coins used by memorabilia collectors when buying or selling Trump Silver coins and Reagan Gold Coins or gold bullion. The new Trump coins for sale are available now. What can you do on our new website at

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You can buy the entire Trump Patriot set from 2015 to 2024 that is available now at 

Our sold-out Trump eagles and commemorative challenge coins were available in 1-ounce silver rounds and silver bullion bars and coins commemorating Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States. More new Trump coins are said to be in the works and available before the 2024 re-election of President Trump to his second term. 

If you’re looking for the lowest price per ounce on Donald Trump's inaugural gold-plated commemorative novelty coins, our proof-like heavy museum quality coins are sealed in acrylic case suitable for coin display in your home. 

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