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10 Coin Patriot Trump/Reagan MAGA Gift Bundle

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10 Coin MAGA Big Bundle

  • You get FIVE (5) Patriot Trump Eagle 24K Gilded Gold Coins

    + FIVE (5) Reagan Trump 2 headed 24K Gilded Gold Coins

    Flip a coin and always win with our 2 headed Trump / Reagan coin. Gilded in 24K gold with a bright proof-like mirror finish, these big 40mm coins are slightly larger than a silver dollar and look great anywhere in your home.

  • Each coin is engraved with museum quality and the perfect gift for every Trump/Reagan/MAGA supporter. 

    Patriot Trump Coin

    Obverse: This limited edition coin depicts an epic patriotic rendition of Donald J. Trump in revolutionary attire that embodies the MAGA spirit and theme of his 45th presidency.

    Reverse: An American Eagle displayed with wings spread and Trump's signature. Each coin is gilded in 24K gold with a mirror-proof finish and shipped in a sealed, airtight, protective acrylic holder. This coin series has become our most requested and collected over the years.

    Trump Reagan 2 Headed Coin

    Obverse: A beautiful rendition of President Trump 45, dated 2020. 

    Reverse: This coin features the best resemblance of Ronald Reagan, our 40th President, that has ever been engraved on a coin. The resemblance is truly amazing. Dated 1980.

    Key Features

    • Amazing craftsmanship, highly detailed renderings
    • Large coins display in your home or office.

    Meticulously designed, engraved, and minted to the highest quality "Proof" standard. Your coin arrives in a clear acrylic case to preserve its luster for years to come. ©2022 Brandmark LLC., All rights reserved.


    Limited Edition:



    1 oz.


    40 mm


    Donald J Trump


    Ron Reagan / Eagle


    24K Gold-layered





    Issue year:


    Coin Date:



    Clear Acrylic Case