Trump Patriot 2020 MAGA 24K Gilded Gold Coin
Trump Patriot 2020 MAGA 24K Gilded Gold Coin
Trump Patriot 2020 MAGA 24K Gilded Gold Coin
Trump Patriot 2020 MAGA 24K Gilded Gold Coin
Trump Patriot 2020 MAGA 24K Gilded Gold Coin
Trump Patriot 2020 MAGA 24K Gilded Gold Coin

Trump Patriot 2020 MAGA 24K Gilded Gold Coin

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Trump Patriot 2020 24K Gold Coin (SEE VIDEO Below)

PERFECT GIFT for every MAGA Trump supporter. Proudly display this museum-quality 24k gold gilded coin in any President Trump memorabilia collection, this elegant die-struck coin presents a clearly detailed, proof-like mirror finish with the best-engraved resemblance we’ve ever seen of Donald J. Trump. The weight of this coin is heavy in your hand and is larger than a Morgan Silver Dollar.


The front of this gold-gilded coin displays our 45th president in inspirational Revolutionary-era attire. The "Betsy Ross" circle of stars on his hat symbolizes our original 13 colonies in amazing high detail.


An American eagle striking is depicted on the reverse with Donald J Trump’s signature.

This patriot coin measures a huge 40mm in diameter, making it large enough to put on display on a shelf or a mantle. Your coin arrives in sealed in a clear, airtight acrylic case to protect the bright, gold-gilded finish.

Key Features

  • Trump coin is gilded in 24K gold for a bright proof-like mirror finish
  • The obverse displays Trump’s profile wearing 1776-era attire
  • The reverse shows an eagle with wings spread above a MAGA victory slogan
  • Collectible coin measures 40mm to be highly visible and suitable for display
  • Die-struck designs are clearly defined and detailed


Limited Edition:



1 oz.


40 mm


Patriotic Trump


American Eagle

Optional Finish:

.999 Fine Silver-layered

Optional Finish:

24K Gold-layered





Issue year:


Coin Date:



Clear Acrylic Case

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