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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Commemorative Coin – The American Elk Silver Coin


1776-2026 Ronald Reagan Coin – The Grizzly Bear Silver Coin

Ronald Reagen

1776 – 2026 George Washington Coins – America’s 250th Anniversary Silver Coin


Issuing Entity: The Republic National Mint

Manufacturing Location: Texas, USA

Collection: Donald J. Trump Collection

Theme: Men of MAGA

America’s 250th Anniversary

Limited Edition Mintage: 1000
Weight: 1oz.
Diameter: 40mm
Obverse: George Washington
Reverse: The American Eagle
Finish: Gilded .999 Silver
Edge Type: Reeded
Alloy: Bronze
Quality: MS70 Proof
Year of Issue: 2022
Coin Date: 2026
Packaging: Sealed Slab


1776 – 2026 George Washington – American Eagle Silver Coin

The Men of MAGA, 2026 Semi-Quincentennial

Celebrating America’s 250th Anniversary

Obverse: George Washington

Reverse: American Eagle

George Washington  Coin 1732 – 1799 was a leading Founding Father of our nation who served as the First President of the United States. As a young man, Washington fought in the French and Indian War and later led the Continental Army to victory over the British to oversee the passage of the Bill of Rights, and as President, the peaceful transition of power. George Washington’s “Farewell Address” continues to guide our nation forward centuries after his death.

The Donald J. Trump Collection Presents:

The Men of MAGA, 2026 Semi-Quincentennial Collection Celebrating America’s 250th Anniversary

  • Exquisitely hand-crafted by one of the world’s best artisan engravers
  • Designed and created in Texas
  • Hyper-realistic engraving and likeness. The best we’ve ever seen.
  • Museum Quality Heirloom Collectables


The Donald J. Trump 2026 Semi-Quincentennial Collection

Features 8 Great Men who have Made America Great; George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and Donald J. Trump.

Includes: Men of MAGA 8-Page Booklet

Every “Men of MAGA” silver coin slab comes with an 8-page booklet celebrating America’s 250th anniversary and the men who made America great. The booklet features a brief overview of each father of our nation, displayed next to an engraving, signature, and coin rendition, filled with educational quotes to be enjoyed by all.

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