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2022 U.S. Capitol Bicentennial Silver Dollar / U.S. Capitol Commemorative Silver Coin


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Reverse: U.S. Capitol Bicentennial Silver Dollar

Discover the essence of American history at ShopRNC with our exquisite United States Capitol coin collection. From the iconic U.S. Capitol Bicentennial Silver Dollar to the rare 1994 and 2001 editions, our selection holds immense historical value. Collectors and patriots alike will be captivated by the allure of these coins, each a tangible piece of American heritage.

Accompanied by a Masonic ceremony, President Washington laid the southeast cornerstone of the US Capitol on September 18, 1793. In 1814, the British set fire to the US Capitol and divine intervention occurred as a sudden rainstorm prevented the buildings total destruction. During the Civil War, the Capitol was used as a troop barracks, hospital and bakery. The first elevator and electric lights were installed in the 1880’s. Today the US Capitol remains one of the most recognizable buildings and a center of political power in the world.

Available exclusively from Republic National Mint, this magnificent proof is meticulously designed, engraved, minted and polished to the highest quality “Proof” standard. Your coin arrives in a clear acrylic case to preserve its luster for years to come.



2022 U.S. Capitol Bicentennial Silver Dollar / United States Capitol Silver Coin

This coin presents one of the best portraits of Trump and the US Capitol we’ve ever seen.

Obverse: 2022 Patriot Trump  

The obverse is an exceptional engraving of an epic patriotic rendition of President Trump’s coin depicted in revolutionary era attire that embodies the return to American greatness, reflecting the MAGA theme of his presidency. Created by our head engraver; Tim Ransom, this coin series has become our most requested and collected over the years. 

What’s more, we offer a remarkable range of United States Capitol silver coins for sale, U.S. Capitol Bicentennial Silver Dollar, meticulously curated for their intrinsic and numismatic value. As you explore our inventory, you’ll uncover the true worth of these precious gems, both in terms of historical significance and investment potential.

At ShopRNC, we’re not just providing coins; we’re offering you the opportunity to own a piece of the U.S. Capitol’s enduring legacy. Embrace the richness of our nation’s history and discover the value in these exquisite silver treasures. Shop now and be a part of this remarkable journey through time.

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Detail Specifications:

Issuing Entity: The Republic National Mint
Type: Patriot Trump Collection
Limited Edition Mintage: 200
Weight: 1 oz.
Diameter: 40 mm
Obverse: Patriot Trump
Reverse: US Capitol
Optional Finish: .999 Fine Silver-gilded
Optional Finish: 24K Gold-gilded
Edge Type: Reeded
Material: Bronze
Quality: Proof
Issue year: 2021
Coin Date: 2022
Packaging: Clear Acrylic Case
Optional Packaging: Dark Green Velvet Gift Box / Inset RNM Enameled Coin
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